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Dr. Colette Nichols attended Westmont College where she received a BA in Political Science and Finance. She continued her education at Capella University, where she specialized in leadership and graduated with a Masters in Organization and Management. In 2015, Dr. Nichols graduated from Capella University with a PhD in Organization and Management. She submitted her dissertation on eBusiness Projects in the US and Project Success. This study explores how you can ensure a project’s success, inspired by the statistic that over 50% of projects fail in the United States.


Dr. Nichols has worked in management positions for over 20 years. Recently, she worked with Antelope Valley Hospital as COO and CFO for two years, where she created a vision and a master site and facility plan that was used to build a new $800 MM state-of-the-art hospital. Additionally, in this role she developed strategic partnerships, created a combination of funding sources for the new hospital, and achieved major turnaround.

In 2018, Dr. Colette was recognized by the San Fernando Valley Business Journal as one of the 16 most influential businesswomen in Los Angeles County.

Currently, Dr. Colette Nichols offers a variety of consulting services to organizations looking to improve their performance and finances


In 2019, Dr. Colette Nichols founded The Empower Foundation, a non-profit that focuses on building hope and empowering communities. By working with partners and charities who share the same mindedness and work to make a positive difference everyday, The Empower Foundation is working towards ending homelessness, support vulnerable children, and to improve health.

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Dr. Colette Nichols Launches Agency

Los Angeles’ powerful and passionate CFO and philanthropist, Colette Nichols, is throwing her weight behind efforts to provide financial turnaround and growth to small and medium sized non profits and businesses through her newly launched agency, The Cavendish Company …

Los Angeles Boys and Girls Club | Call To Action

Dr. Nichols, Founder and Chairwoman of The Empower Foundation, announces the Foundation’s inaugural effort. The Los Angeles Boys and Girls Club is in desperate need of an economic recovery and the Foundation has chosen it as its first beneficiary.

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